Our team has the full gamut of experience in the livestock industry. Our broad understanding of the industry paired with our position as leaders in feed ingredient analysis means we understand exactly what’s in a healthy, cost-effective, safe, balanced and high-performance livestock feed ingredient.

The decisions made based on our results directly impact livestock well-being and performance. That’s why we take feed ration ingredient nutritional value testing so seriously. We’ll even help create a customized program to monitor consistency and ensure ongoing product quality, tailored to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

What we test for

  1. 01Proximate analysis
  2. 02Amino acids
  3. 03Oil and tallow analysis
  4. 04Energy calculations (total digestible nutrients, metabolizable energy, digestible energy, etc.)
  5. 05Residual antibiotics
  6. 06Trace metals and trace minerals
  7. 07Toxins, pathogens and microbiology
  8. 08Feed value (digestibility, soluble protein, starch, total fatty acids, etc.)
  9. 09Physical characteristics (bulk density, viscosity, etc.)

A certified testing partner you can trust.

Our clients are the most rigorous and persistent people in their industry. Then again, so are we. We approach industry-specific standards and accreditation requirements much the same way we do data, with the utmost care, precision and close attention to detail.

What our clients are saying