Our story of smarter science.

For over 15 years, Foundation Analytical Laboratory has raised the bar for lab testing partnerships. What began as a revolutionary idea to merge science and service has grown into an industry-leading independent chemical and microbiological testing and analysis company with state-of-the-art facilities, rigorous scientific methodologies, and the highest quality standards. 
We know there’s a person on the other side of every single test we run who’s using the information we uncover to make valuable business decisions. That’s why we’re committed to delivering accurate, timely results that go way beyond just raw data.

Our unique, client-first approach.

Other labs just deliver numbers. We help create solutions. We have a vested interest in your success and are committed to delivering a higher level of support than anyone else in the industry. We apply a personal touch to everything we do. You’ll talk to a real person every time you call. No, really. Put us to the test. 

Our mission and core values.

From the very beginning, it’s been our mission to deliver exemplary customer service along with scientific excellence. To help us always accomplish this mission, we adhere to a shared set of principles and a belief that “above all, God first.”


We adhere to a strict code of honesty, accuracy, and transparency.


We’re committed to delivering more than just data, doing whatever it takes for our clients.


Count on us for the highest quality standards, exceptional customer service, and accurate and timely results.


Consider us your partner and an extension of your business.

Our promise to every client.

We’re precise and persistent. We demand results and exact solutions. Trust that while the science of chemical and microbiological analysis may be our backbone, human relationships are our lifeblood. We promise rigorous scientific methodologies, the highest quality standards, timely results and a true partnership.

Spur your business forward. Give us a call today. 

Science and service drive everything we do. Give us a call or submit the form to speak to a Foundation Analytical Laboratory team member about working together. 


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