Agriculture is a unique business with unique challenges. You have to get it right year after year to maintain customer trust. That’s why you need a third-party laboratory team who has a vested interest in and understanding of your business because they grew up in it. 

From fertilizer and organic livestock nutrients to germination and tissue analysis, we proudly deliver accurate and informative reports to help you make informed management decisions.

What we test for

  1. 01Fertilizer (ammonium nitrogen, bulk density, calcium carbonate, etc.)
  2. 02Manure (ammonium nitrogen, ash, mineral, etc.)
  3. 03Plant tissue (chloride, mineral, etc.)
  4. 04Livestock water suitability (chloride, conductivity, pH, etc.)

A certified testing partner you can trust.

Our clients are the most rigorous and persistent people in their industry. Then again, so are we. We approach industry-specific standards and accreditation requirements much the same way we do data, with the upmost care, precision and close attention to detail.

What our clients are saying